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Hi All,

Welcome to Marisa’s Kitchen Talk.  I’ve been cutting back on my carbohydrate intake since December 2009 due to health issues.  I’ve had heartburn for many years which lead me to have an ulcer.  I took a pill everyday for a year and my ulcer healed but I knew that if I didn’t change my eating habits that it would return. So I began to remove foods that I had difficultly digesting or that gave me instant heartburn (i.e raw garlic, tomato sauce, toasted bread, fish, eggs)
Since eating this way I’ve stopped taking my ulcer pill and I’ve lost weight in the process.

I love trying new recipes and I’m always updating my blog with recipes, my food diary, tips on weight loss, fitness etc.  I rarely follow a recipe without adding my own twist, I feel that a recipe is just a starting point.

As you can see from my blog that I’m truly eat a variety of foods and I don’t feel limited by any means.

Hope you enjoy what’s in my kitchen.


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