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Ooops!!! I forgot it was Menu Monday with it being Easter Monday we’re still in vacation mode. But I managed to come up with my menu plan for the week.
For breakfast and lunch I tend to have the same thing.  Dinner needs planning since I’m feeding the whole clan.


Weekly Menu for Monday April 5, 2010 to Sunday April 11, 2010

Left over roasted turkey – from Easter dinner
Green salad

Homemade swiss chard soup
Garlic shrimp
Rice (for family)
Green salad with vinaigrette

Beef & broccoli Stir Fry with flank steak
Broccoli, ½ red pepper, onion,

Roasted rosemary chicken
Rapini with garlic and olive oil
Greek salad, tomato, cucumber, green onion, green pepper, vinaigrette

BBQ baby back ribs
Parsley salad

Burgers (no bun) with toppings: tomato slice, mayo, avocado, onion
Parsley salad
Corn (for kids)

Chicken breast with green olives, onions
Roasted broccoli
Green salad with vinaigrette

Snacks: (not all in one day)
1 cup Celery sticks
1 sugar free biscotti
½ cup Cantaloupe (1 of 2 per day)
1 serving- Source Yogurt ( 2 of 2 per day)
2 cups Popcorn ( 1 of 2 per day)
10 almonds ( 2 of 2 per day)

Exercise: Elliptical 45 minutes = 450 calories burned – 5 times a week


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