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Pat on the back

I feel really good that I didn’t give in to temptation last night. Not only did I have to bring my son to a birthday party but after that we went to a friends birthday dinner party.

The party that my son went to was at 6:30pm so I made sure I had my dinner before I left. I didn’t stay for the party since my son said I can come back later, (he’s 11). So I came just when they were finished eating cake. I politely said “No thank you when they offered me a huge hunk of cake.” I didn’t touch a thing.

Then right after the kids party we went straight over to a friends to wish them a happy birthday and I lucked out over there too, they finished dinner and dessert. Again I was offered now at this point it was tempting since it was a Dairy Queen cake but again I politely said “No thank you”. Then I was given a shot of strawberry vodka and I slowly sipped it and then in a short while we called it a night.

Now normally I would have eaten but now I look at the food and dissect it in my mind. Like the first cake was all sugar and covered in shortening, I don’t know to many bakeries that really use butter in their buttercream…eeeewwwww!!! and the pizza was bread with gooey oily cheese

Plus when I got home I entered that vodka drink in my nutrition tracker. Yeah me.


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