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My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine


Today I sat down and came up with a daily routine that I will strive to achieve.  Last week I was been munching like crazy so I thought that a schedule might help me get back on track.


My Daily Routine

6:30 am >Wake up
8:00 am > Breakfast
9:00 am > Workout
10:00 am > Protein smoothie
12:00 pm > Lunch
2:00 pm > Snack
4:00 pm > Snack
6:00 pm > Dinner
8:00 pm > Snack or Water
10:30 pm > Bedtime


Ricotta & berries

Brancrisp & almond butter
Bran muffin-low carb

Homemade lean beef patty

Chicken breast, boneless, skinless
Spicy coleslaw
Vegetable soup

Celery stuffed with light cream cheese

Almond, unsalted, 10 pcs
Popcorn, light, 2 cups
Cantaloupe,  1/2 cup
Jello, sugar free

I have an arm injury so I can’t lift any weights.  I workout 45 mins x 5 days a week on the elliptical.  I burn 450 calories every workout.


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