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Weigh-In # 9

Weigh In

Weigh-In # 9

Starting Weight:  189 lbs
Last Weigh In: 174.5 (3 weeks ago)
Current Weight: 170.0   -4.5 pounds
Total Loss: -19.0 pounds

I had my weigh in day and I’m thrilled to say I’m down 4.5 pounds, which brings my total weight loss to 19 pounds!!!  I want to reward myself with a little something but I don’t know what, any suggestions?

I’m thinking a new nail polish, lipstick, etc


Comments on: "Weigh-In # 9" (3)

  1. You deserve both so go for it..Tina


  2. I think you should send me over that bracelet so I can add some beads to it!!! And how about a new spring outfit to go with the nail polish and the lipstick??!!


  3. Congratulations on your weight loss so far! If you have any hints/tricks, visit my blog and let me know. We’re both doing the same sort of thing.



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