Exercise your mind and body

This is the template that I print out and write out my menu for the week.  It’s up on my fridge as we speak.  It’s a huge relief waking up knowing that my dinner is planned ahead of time.  Then comes the task of preparing it.

I put a link for the template in my “Blogroll” if you wish to print your

I’ve been asked what I have for breakfast and lunch so here’s just a few ideas.

I usually have 1 of my homemade low carb muffins & coffee
1 pc Brancrisp bread with almond butter and sugar free jam
Ricotta and blueberries


I always have a protein (beef patty, chicken breast) & a salad on the side.

Happy Low Carbing!!

Weekly Menu for Monday April 19 – Sunday April 25, 2010


Pasta with tomato sauce (for family)
Meatballs (pan fried, no sauce)
Green salad with vinaigrette


Shrimp cocktail
Crab Avocado Salad
Rice (for family)


Stir Fry vegetables (broccoli, ½ red pepper, onion, zucchini)
Beef with garlic, black pepper
Dumpling (for family)


Chicken with sun dried tomatoes
Cauliflower mashed faux-tatoes
Green salad with vinaigrette


Chicken and garlic
Kafta and hummus
Parsley salad
Green salad with vinaigrette


Hamburgers (no  bun for me) tangy relish, tomato slice, mayo, mustard
Green salad
Baked french fries (for family)


Taco salad with all the toppings

Snacks: (not all in one day)

Protein shake (only after workout)
Cream cheese stuffed Celery sticks (reminds me of when I was as a kid)
1 sugar free biscotti
½ cup Cantaloupe (1of 2 per day)
1 serving- Source Yogurt ( 2 of 2 per day)
2 cups Popcorn ( 1 of 2 per day)
10 almonds ( 2 of 2 per day)

Exercise: Elliptical 45 minutes = 450 calories burned – 5 times a week


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