Exercise your mind and body

Monday night after dinner I went upstairs to find something to do and I came across this small box of beads that I’ve had for a few years now that I’ve been meaning to make something but never knew how.

So every night this week after dinner I would go upstairs and just fiddle with the beads and so far I’ve made four bracelets.  It’s great because while my family is munching on chips I’m keeping my hands busy with this.

Here’s the bracelet I’ve made for myself and here’s the idea behind it.

Each big blue square bead represents 5 pounds, I have a total of 50 lbs to lose.  Right now I’ve lost 19 lbs, the shoe charm is in between the 15 lb – 20 lb beads.  It’s a great visual motivator to stay on track.

I have another weight loss bracelet that a friend is making for me, it’s a different look but the same idea. The two bracelets will compliment each other nicely.

Here’s the other two I made, and the fourth bracelet is for my daughter and I’ll have to take a picture of that when I can get my hands on it 🙂


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