Exercise your mind and body

Parmesan Cheese Chips


Grated Parmesan cheese or any shredded cheese

Preheat oven at 350.  Place a sheet of parchment paper on cookie sheet.
Spoon on to pan and bake until melted.

Or microwaveable on a plate.
Place a generous tablespoon of cheese in center of plate.
Microwave on HIGH about 30-40 seconds or until a toasty color and they sound crisp when tapped with your fingernail.

Lift it off the paper with tongs and set on paper towel to cool.

Makes about 18-20 crisps ~~~ Can be frozen

Per 6 Chips:

304 Calories
25g Fat
19g Protein
1g Carbohydrate
0g Dietary Fiber
1g Net Carbs


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