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What is Splenda?

I’ve been using Splenda as my preferred sweetener for awhile now and here’s some info I found regarding Splenda.

What is Splenda® Brand Sweetener?
SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener is the brand name for the ingredient sucralose. Sucralose is made through a patented process that starts with sugar and converts it to a no calorie, non carbohydrate sweetener. Sucralose is made from sugar, tastes like sugar, but it’s not sugar.

What is sucralose?
SPLENDA® contains sucralose, which is derived from a regular white sugar (sucrose) molecule. However, sucralose is not perceived by the body as a sugar. It passes through the body rapidly and is excreted without being broken down

Is Splenda® safe ?
SPLENDA® products are safe. The sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener is sucralose. Health Canada has permitted the use of sucralose by all Canadians, without exception. This includes children, pregnant or nursing women and people with diabetes.

Sucralose is essentially unused by the human body, passing through the body rapidly without being broken down. In addition, studies have shown sucralose has no effect on glucose or fructose blood levels, carbohydrate metabolism, or the secretion of insulin.

Can Splenda® Brand Sweetener be safely used by the whole family?
Yes. SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener can be safely used by the whole family, including children, women who are pregnant or nursing and

people with diabetes. The safety data on sucralose has been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other national

regulatory agencies, as well as by international health authorities such as the World Health Organization. The safety of sucralose is well

documented in more than 100 scientific studies conducted over a 20-year period.

What is the role of Splenda® No Calorie Sweetener in a healthy diet?
SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener may be used as part of a healthy diet that includes a variety of nutritious foods in moderate portions. Because SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener tastes like sugar and can be used for cooking and baking, it helps meet the demand for good-tasting foods and beverages without all the calories of sugar.  How can SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener have no calories?  After it is consumed, sucralose passes through the body without being broken down for energy, so it has no calories, and the body does not recognize it as a carbohydrate.

Does Splenda® contain aspartame?
SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener Granular and Packets are sweetened with sucralose. None of our SPLENDA® products contain the sweetening agent aspartame.  SPLENDA® is more like sugar than any other low-calorie sweetener.

Comments on: "What is Splenda?" (3)

  1. I know this post is very old – but I just found your site, I am enjoying reading your blog, the recipes look fabulous – but then I saw this post. I knew I had to comment. I used to use Splenda when it first came out. I used ONE pack in my coffee per day. I developed an odd dizzyness. I had split-second dizzyness about 20-50 times per day. I surfed the net & found info on Splenda causing some weird side effects – the list was endless. I stopped using Splenda that day & 80% of my dizzyness stopped immedietely. Splenda causes nerological issues in MANY ppl. I still have some dizzyness today and will NEVER use Splenda again. I truly believe Splenda is the cause of my dizzyness as I have had every test known to man to figure it out, to no avail. Please research Splenda further – I know it is convenient, but there are too many things out there that ppl use only to find out years later, cause cancer or such. I now use Stevia as my sweetener of choice. They are no issues with Stevia and it has been used for centuries. Best of luck – you are doing so well 🙂


  2. Hi Kim,

    Thanks so much for your informative comment. I’ve been looking at changing Splenda for a natural sugar substitute.

    But a lot of sugar-free products I buy all have splenda or Aspartame so it’s hard to get away from it.


  3. KIM……………….I have the same symptoms and finally I read about SPLENDA stopped it and my weird dizzinees went away………..

    I’m on Dr. Poon’s diet and I’m cyrious to see what will happen once I strt with SPLENDA……..I told my family Doc and he looked at me like I was nuts. Also I told a Specialist and same reaction like I was nuts again….

    Love your Blog.


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