Exercise your mind and body

I’ve had heartburn for over 20 years and up until two years ago when I couldn’t take the pain anymore I told my Dr I needed some medicine to deal with the pain.  To make a long story short, I saw a specialist: found out I had an ulcer and he put me on Pantaloc (pills) and I had to cut out foods that irritate my ulcer.  Six months ago I stopped taking the pills and went back to eating the irritating food.

It’s been a few months now where I’m not happy with my weight and my heartburn is here yet again.  So I decided I needed to do something and not rely on Pantaloc (pills) to make things better.

I’m learning of the foods that irritate my digestion so I’ve taken them out of my meal plan.    Basically my meal plan is a low carb plan.   I’m losing weight, heartburn is gone and I’m sleeping better.

My low carb diet limits carbohydrates — such as bread, grains, rice, starchy vegetables and some fruit.
Here’s some foods that I have:

Lean meats
Fish (sole is the only fish that doesn’t bother me)
Green leafy vegetables
Olive oil
Salt-free spices
Low fat mayonnaise (I’m hooked on the Hellman’s Olive Oil)
Low carb bread
Low carb protein shakes

I posted a Low Carb grocery list, check it out to see everything I buy.

Happy Carbing 🙂



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