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P90X-Day 3


It’s Week # 1 -Day 3 and I just have one word to say…OUCHIE!!!
I’m hurting BIG time in my thighs and butt from yesterdays Plyometrics, SQUATS!!
Squats do it to me all the time.  But the pain didn’t stop me from doing my workout, Shoulders & Arms, AB RipperX.  Yes it was another great workout, I Brought it!

As for the rest of my day I would laugh at myself when I slowly made my way up stairs and sitting down, it’s painful but I know it’s for the better.  I keep looking at the BIG picture.

I’m glad the day is over so I can go to bed and hope that it’s all better by tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow its Yoga, I tried yoga many years ago and wasn’t too impressed.  I’m actually looking forward to it since I think it’ll help with the muscle soreness.


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  1. Even though you’ve just started P90X, what do you find most challenging about it? Would you recommend it so far?


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