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P90X -Day 4


It’s Week # 1 -Day 4

It was Yoga Day~ 96 mins of it.  I did 30 mins and  just couldn’t get into it.

Sorry for all you Yoga lovers but I found it boring, yes I felt the stretch etc but it’s not up my alley.  I might try it agan one day.

Now I have to figure out what P90X video I’m going to replace Yoga with…Any suggestions?

Here’s a link for a P90X exercise video.  It’s called Pay It Forward, send this to someone you love.

Check out all 3 videos this is 1 of 3


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  1. I’ll get out the leaf blower and blow the pounds of dust off my winsor pilate dvds if you need them!


  2. Thanks Brenda but I might do another video


  3. I saw on Pete’s blog that you want to replace Yoga X. Whatever you do, don’t do that! Stick to the program for 90 days. Don’t make substitutions just because you struggle.

    Here is a response from Tony Horton on the subject of substituting Yoga x.

    “Can I skip out on yoga and substitute Cardio X or Plyo?

    My short answer is NO! No you can’t skip out on yoga and substitute Cardio X or Plyo. These are not substitutes for yoga. They are completely different than yoga. Yoga’s effect on your body is 180º from standard cardiovascular training and jump training. Each one of these routines feeds off the other. The crazy mix of routines creates the variety the body needs for real change and overall conditioning. The whole point to P90X is to work on your strengths and weaknesses. The fact that yoga is a pain in your butt right now is the reason why it will change your fitness, aid in your weight loss, make you less vulnerable to injury, and improve the effectiveness of all the other workouts.

    Don’t feel bad, because most people dislike yoga at first. It’s the anti-American workout. No punching and kicking. No jumping, or running, or lifting, or dancing. It’s slow and quiet and requires time and patience. It’s the other side of a (complete fitness) two-sided coin. It’s the yin to the yang. It’s the tortoise not the hare. It forces you to look inward and not outward and/or all over the place for a change. Its balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility all wrapped in one, and sometimes all at the same time. It will and has messed with your mind like no other workout can. It’s perfect! When you can turn this foe into a friend, then and only then will you be able to understand it and appreciate its purpose.

    Does this mean you need to continue to suffer the way you have? No. You conquer (tame or understand) yoga by modifying it like any and all other routines that are difficult. If you don’t want to do the whole 90 minutes then don’t. Use your remote to help you decide which 60 minutes you feel like doing. Keep a secondary timer close by to keep track of the full hour. You also have to change the way you feel about the experience. Stop caring that you’re not good at it and start understanding that the “struggle” is where the action is. The Struggle is how your mind and body change for the better. The Struggle is why you’re doing P90X. The Struggle is the magic that separates the old you from the new you. Struggle but don’t give up. The other short answer is… Do Your Best And Forget The Rest!”


  4. Hi John, Thanks for the advice. I’ll definitely stick with the yoga.


  5. Hi Marissa,

    Just for the record, I’m on my second time through the 90 days and you know what, Yoga still kicks my butt! I won’t ever say I loved it but I will say I surived each workout. I do take lots of water breaks but I don’t pause the DVD while I’m drinking. Is that cheating? I like to think I’m modifying.

    Another thing people never tell you is the Yoga gets MUCH easier after the first 45 minutes or so. A good way to modify is to do the first 45 minutes on your Yoga day then do the second 45 minutes on your stretch or rest day. I know its tempting to take the rest day but it’s better than going through an hour and a half of yoga (at least until you get more comfortable with yoga).

    Anyway good luck to you and remember what Tony said, struggle but at least try. Modify but don’t give up. The struggle is where the magic is that seperates the old you from the new you. 🙂


  6. Hi John,
    Thanks for the great advice I really appreciate it. Do you have a blog on wordpress? I’d love to read it, I can tell your very positive and keep me motivated.
    Thanks 🙂


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