Exercise your mind and body

P90X – Week 1 Day 5

I had a great workout today, I did the Legs, Back & Ab Ripper X.
I can’t remember sweating this much on any workout other than when I’m on the elliptical.
Since I don’t have a  chin up bar I was using the bands it was good but it didn’t feel like I was doing the same effort as them.  Then my husband told me I should use the pulldown machine that we have to create the chin up bar exercise.  Well he’s brilliant but don’t tell him I said so 🙂
I did my workout today with that machine and I put on 40 lb weights, it’s enough for me to start with for now.  Ya I know I’m a wimp but I’m working on it.  I know I’ll be sore tomorrow but I actually like a little bit of soreness.

Here’s the machine I have at home (no that’s not me)

I’m still struggling with the food.  I’m really trying my best to stay on plan but it’s difficult having the whole family home for the summer.  I find myself constantly in the kitchen.

Tonight for dinner I’m making:

Beef Kabobs
Dandelion salad
Baby green salad

Taziki (I think I spelled it wrong, it’s a cucumber & sour cream dip, it’s great with the beef)


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