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My Morning Solitude

My morning solitude, since school has been out and the kids are home I still wake up pretty early and I’m not the type of person to just stay in bed, when I’m up I’m up.

My Backyard

I’ve gotten into this routine that when I get up I quietly make my way to my backyard and sit in my patio chair just listening to the birds.  My cat comes with me all the time.  Then my husband usually finds me and it’s such a nice relaxing way to wake up and start our day.  It’s what we call “our quiet time”.  My kids are early risers too so it doesn’t last too long but I love it anyway.

What’s your morning solitude?

Anyway enough about that, moving onto food, I’m on this low carb/low fat diet and this past month I’ve let things slide.  No I haven’t had pasta or bread but I’ve been eating cereal, yogurt, fruit ok and chips.
I know those are pretty normal food choices but I really need to limit and completely cut out the freaken chips.

I see everyone else eating them and I want some.  I think I’m going to have to leave the room when they open a bag.

Today I’m going to cut back on my dairy and have just 2 pieces of fruit and a lot more green veggies.  I have to retrain my brain.

This is my breakfast:

Source or Zero yogurt
Bran cereal – 1/2 cup

Granola – 2 Tablespoons- it’s loaded with carbs, yup I know that

I don’t like eggs so my breakfasts are very limited.


Comments on: "My Morning Solitude" (4)

  1. I don’t think you need to worry about the yogurt too much, if you are using plain. Dana Carpender says that most of the sugars in yogurt are eaten by the bacteria:

    “The bacteria that turn milk into yogurt also transform a lot of the lactose — milk sugar — into lactic acid; this is why yogurt has a tangy flavor. However, how much of the lactose is converted to lactic acid depends on how long the yogurt is allowed to ferment — the longer, the less lactose. Indeed, yogurt you bought a week ago will have a little less carb than yogurt you bought today, because even at refrigerator temperatures the bacteria continue to grow, if at a greatly reduced rate. Eventually, increasing acidity will stop the fermentation, and the carb count will stop dropping. According to Dr. Jack Goldberg, of The GO-Diet, if you see whey (that clearish liquid) separating from the white part of the yogurt, it’s fermented about as far as it can, and will be pretty low carb — count 4 grams per cup.”

    See her post of 06/14 here: http://holdthetoast.com/content/lets_talk_about_yogurt.

    As for the granola, you can make your own low carb granola very easily. Carpender also provides a recipe for making your own granola here: http://holdthetoast.com/node/365. This takes some time, and it makes a large amount, but it’s easy. The recipe is pretty flexible and you can make substitutions – I don’t like the pumpkin or sunflower seeds in my granola, so I substitute hazelnuts and add more walnuts.


  2. I would not eat low carb and low fat. Fat is not bad for you.

    When you stop eating fat you are going to want to eat more carbs. Go to the Weston A. Price Foundation website and read more about how fat is not the enemy.


  3. It sounds like you had a healthy breakfast 🙂


  4. I love the morning solitude picture you took! Makes me want to start a routine like that too! My morning solitude is walking Ruby through the paths in the forests around here. Not as quiet as your solitude since we are always running into other pups she likes to play with!

    Your breakfast looks great. I bought this new yogurt called satisfaction. Very creamy but high in calories (I think 80 per container). Sooo good but definitely the wrong choice for me as I know that it would be a no-no on the low-carb diet.


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