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P90X Week 2 Days 13,14

Saturday ~ Day 13 – Kenpo X – Love it
Sunday ~ Day 14 – Rest or X Stretch- Replaced it with CardioX
Week 2: Gone
Week 3: Here I come!!!

Last night we went to a friends for dinner and yes there were carbs (bread, corn etc) but I ate just meat, grilled peppers and salad.

I did fall off the wagon when dessert came around.  I’m really not one for dessert but who can resist Chocolate Fudge cake.  It’s my fault since we brought the dessert.  Next time I’ll bring a dessert that I don’t like hahaha.

Anyhow this morning I feel like I should burn off that cake so I decided instead of taking a relax day I opted to try something new.  So I did the CardioX, it’s really good, it combines Plyo, Kenpo, Yoga & Core all in one.  I really felt like I melted away that chocolate cake.

I have my weigh in tomorrow, I’ll let you all know how that goes.


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  1. Good luck tomorrow! 🙂


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