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P90X Day 1 + Daily Food Log

P90X -Lean – Phase 1

Day 1: Core Synergistics

Loved it and I’m not sore…Yet!!  it feels great to workout again  and I’m being careful not to re-injure myself so I take it easy on my leg with certain moves.

Coffee, splenda, milk = 7 net carbs
Low Carb Vanilla Protein Shake, 4 strawberries, water, ice= 2 net carbs
Total Net Carbs: 9

Lean Beef Burger (no bun) cajun spice, mustard= 1 net
Salad, 6 grape tomatoes, cucumber,6 Kalamata olives ,Oil & Vinegar = 7 net
Total Net Carbs: 8

LC Broccoli Soup =  8
Lean Italian sausages, spaghetti squash 8

Total Net Carbs: 16

Halva 1 pc = 13
1/2 cup Unsweetened Chocolate Almond milk = 1
unsalted sunflower seeds = 4
Sugar free Jello = 0
7 Walnuts = 1
Mini sugar free freezie = 1
Total Net Carbs: 20

Total Net Carbs for today :  53

WOW I didn’t know nuts had so  much carbs, I’ll try better tomorrow


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