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Cherry Coconut Jello

Low Carb Cherry Coconut Jello

2 boxes of Sugar Free cherry jello
1/2 c. of boiling water
1 1/2 cups (1 can) Aroy-D Coconut milk

Mix well the jello and boiling water.  Then add coconut milk, mix well and refrigerate until set.

Nutritional Fats:

4  serving: 1/2 cup
Cals: 125
Fat: 10.5
Sod: 121.8 mg
Carb: 1.5 g
Sugar: 1.5
Protein: 2.8
Net Carbs: 1.5 g


Comments on: "Low Carb Cherry Coconut Jello Recipe" (7)

  1. Kitchen Stadium said:

    very dumb question #1 – Is this going have a jello’y texture, or smooth? Looks great. I probably wouldn’t do cherry but definitely orange, lemon or watermelon.

    very dumb question #2 – how are you getting color in your text? Are you on the freebie site or do you pay for this luxury. I’m starved for color! LOL


  2. #1- Yes it has a thick jello texture but it’s very filling for a snack, not like jello where I can eat a whole bowl and then want more. It’s almost ice creamish. As for flavor I’ve looked in every store and all I can find for sugar free jello are only strawberry, raspberry & cherry.

    #2- Look just above the test box where you write your posts. There’s a button with and “A” click on that and you’ll see a bunch of colors.
    To change your font color, highlight your test and then click on the “A” and then the color you’d like. It’s FREE, ya I know not too many things are now a days but this is 🙂 Looking forward to your rainbow of fonts.


  3. Kitchen Stadium said:

    Thanks. I’d definatley do raspberry, then!

    I’m a bit of blogwhiz and was expecting to see the ‘A’ but there isn’t one. I find that odd. It could be the template I’m using which doesn’t support color or font size, by the way.


  4. I forgot to mention that when you begin a post there are two tabs VISUAL and HTML. The “A” is only in the visual tab.

    Hope this helps.


  5. That looks yummy! I’ll definitely be trying that out.


  6. I am assuming a small box? I bought a large one for the Jell-O. Should I have it?


  7. Hi Kathy, I used small boxes. You could use the large box but you might need to adjust the liquid. Enjoy 😀


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