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My Low Carb Daily Food Log

Yesterday I feel asleep and forgot to post my food log so here it is.
As for tonight I plan on watching the season premiere of The Biggest Loser, love that show it really keeps me motivated.
Anyone else watch it?

Monday Sept 20 Food Log

I never skip breakfast but I did only because I had some errands to do which took longer than I expected.
Total Net Carbs: 0

3.5 oz Extra lean ground chicken burger (no bun) = 0 Net Carb
1 Tb Cajun Spice = 3 Net Carb
olives – pitted kalmata olives – 6 olives = 0 Net Carb
No Name – 14% Sour Cream, 3 tbsp = 3 Net Carb
Total Net Carbs: 6 Net Carbs

Big salad – Tomato & Cucumber Salad = 12 Net Carbs
3 pcs of GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread = 6 Net Carbs
Total Net Carbs: 18 Net Carbs

10 almonds = 1 Net Carb
Total Net Carbs:  1

Total Net Carbs for today :  25
Target for today:  20 Net Carb

Note to self:

Eat more green veggies!!!

Please share  your method or your favorite web site for counting carbs :-)


Comments on: "My Low Carb Daily Food Log" (2)

  1. I love watching The Biggest Loser. Last years was the greatest, I fell in love with Michael. It always motivates me, and at this time I need a lot of motivation (it is like going to the gas pump, and getting my yearly fill up with motivation). I can’t wait.


  2. Yeah another BL addict, we can chat about the shows etc 🙂


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