Exercise your mind and body

Coffee 8 oz, 1% Milk 2 Tb, Splenda 1 tsp = 2 Net Carbs
My Low Carb Bran Chocolate Muffin = 0.5 Net Carbs
Total Net Carbs: 2.5

Kaizen 100% Whey Isolate Vanilla Protein Powder,1 serving = 1 Net Carbs
0.5 cup Blueberries, frozen unsweetened = 8 Net Carbs
Total Net Carbs:  9 Net Carbs

Mom’s homemade spinach pizza = 19 Net Carbs
0. 5 cup Romaine Lettuce = 0 Net Carbs
Spanish Olives – 2 Olives = 0 Net Carb
PC Ceasar Salad Dressing, 1 tbsp = 0 Net Carb
Total Net Carbs: 19 Net Carbs

1 Biscotti-Lilly’s Sugar Free Chocolate = 1 Net Crabs
Total Net Carbs: = 1 Net Carb

Total Net Carbs for today : 31.5  Net Carbs
Target for today:  20 Net Carb

SELF!!! You kinda screwed up today with the carb loaded pizza.
But I have to explain since this is a rare occurrence for me.
I was on a course from 11am – 3pm but it didn’t end until 8:30pm.
We all went without lunch and dinner and I only had a small bottle of water so when I got home I ate what was ready to eat.  Oh man did it taste good, mom’s homemade spinach pizza. YUM!!!
I could’ve eaten more than I did but it was so late and I knew that if I don’t control myself I would’ve really regreted it in the morning with a stomache ache.

I’m so thirsty I feel like a dried up prune.  But I plan on drinking a lot tomorrow to make up for it.

By the way it’s 5:30 am and I’ve been up since 3:00 am.  I’m going to be a basket case tomorrow.


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