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My Low Carb Daily Food Log

Coffee 8 oz, 1% Milk 2 Tb, Splenda 1 tsp = 2 Net Carbs
My Low Carb Bran Chocolate Muffin = 0.5 Net Carbs
Cremona Ricotta Cheese, 2 Tb = 1 Net Carbs
Total Net Carbs: 3.5

Ground beef, lean, 3 oz = 0 Net Carbs
Bok Choy, raw-shreaded, 1 cup = 2 Net Carbs
Black Bean Sauce (Lee Kum Kee), 0.5 tbsp = 2 Net Carbs
Total Net Carbs: 4 Net Carbs

Italian Sausage, pork, 1 link = 1 Net Carbs
Lettuce – 2 cups = 2 Net Carbs
PC Ceasar Salad Dressing, 1 tbsp = 0 Net Carbs
Parmesan Cheese, hard, 1 oz  = 1 Net Carbs
Total Net Carbs: 4 Net Carbs

Russell Stover No Sugar Peanut Butter Crunch 2 pc  = 2 Net Carb
Sunflower Seeds, with salt added, 1 oz = 4 Net Carb
Apple, large = 20 Net Carb
Biscotti-Lilly’s Sugar Free Chocolate 1 pc = 1 Net Carb
Total Net Carbs: = 27 Net CarbTotal

Net Carbs for today : 38.5 Net Carbs
Target for today:  20 Net Carb


Holy Molly apples are really high in carbs but I miss my fruit.

Good Luck on Monday’s weigh in. 
I haven’t weighed myself in two weeks so I don’t know what to expect.


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