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What’s your Kryptonite???

Do you have a food that makes you throw willpower out the window?
You know what I mean,  the food that steers you from your healthy eating plan?
These are the EVIL kryponite foods!!!
My  weekness is  Potato Chips any kind will do but my favorite is Jalapeno flavored.  Kryptonite #2 is Chocolate in any shape or form but I like the good stuff not the cheap candy bar stuff.  I love a nice truffle or dark chocolate.

 What’s your Kryptonite???
What do you do to win against Kryptonite?



Comments on: "What’s your Kryptonite???" (1)

  1. ohhh boy. I recently started baking, so I guess you could say my kryptonite(s) are all the yum-yums I bake. My current favourite are butter tarts. Just thinking of it makes me salivate 😦
    The problem is, I’ve never won against it.


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