Exercise your mind and body

Monday’s Dinner: Beef stew
Tuesday’s Dinner: Soup (wasn’t really hungry)
Tonight I’m going to buy 2 rotisserie chickens, leftovers are for lunches.

Last night I had the worst heartburn so I had some mini wheats cereal with milk to help put out the fire and it seemed to help.

Monday night was very exciting our friend got that great news that we were hoping for!!  Way to go!!!

I have some errands today so I planned out my meals.  I’ll update it tonight after my day is done and the kitchen is closed 🙂

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Coffee 8 oz, 1% Milk 1/4 c, Splenda 1 tsp = 4 Net Carbs
My Low Carb Bran Chocolate Muffin = 0.5 Net Carbs
Multi-Vitamin & Vitamin D
Total Net Carbs: 4.5

Protein Shake: Kaizen + Water, 1 serving = 1 Net Carbs

Strawberries, fresh, 5 small = 1 Net Carbs
Total Net Carbs: 2 Net Carbs

Rotisserie Chicken- 4 oz = 0 Net Carbs

Broccoli slaw 1 cup = 3 Net Carbs
Lettuce – 2 cups = 1 Net Carbs
GV French Salad Dressing, 1 tbsp = 1 Net Carbs
Total Net Carbs:  5 Net Carbs


Total Net Carbs: =  Net Carb

Total Net Carbs for today : 11.5
Target for today: 20 Net Carb

Myspace Comments
I watched the Biggest Loser last night and I really get motivated after watching it.  Today I’m going to be really good.

Promise!! 🙂


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