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Low Carb Entertaining Menu

Fruit platter my daughter made

LC Chocolate Mousse Cake 5 net carbs

Last night I had some friends over for dinner and the challenge was to make everything low carb.  It took some planning and I searched for the longest time to find the perfect recipe for dessert.  It wasn’t easy since many recipes used ingredients that I’ve never used.  But then I came across a flowerless chocolate cake that sounded like it could be a winner.
They say you should never try new recipes when guest are coming, what can I say I live dangerously 🙂

My friend surprised me and  brought over Kozy Shack sugar free chocolate pudding,  all I can say is Yum-O !!!

I even made spicy nuts and Killer Kool-Aid, it’s a special drink 🙂

After dinner we had a few laughs playing Domino.

Here’s my Low Carb Entertaining Menu


Cheese platter: fried cheese, brie, blue cheese, crackers for the carb eaters
Eggplant dip +  celery sticks
Spinach dip + celery, crackers

Chicken Kababs – onion & green peppers

Taziki dip – (sour cream, cucumber, garlic powder)
Parsley Salad
Green beans with almond slivers
Roasted broccoli

Fruit platter: cantaloupe, grapes, pineapple, blackberries

Low Carb Chocolate cake with chocolate mocha mousse

Spicy Nuts, lupine beans

A pitcher of Sugar Free Kool-Aid


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  1. I just subscribed to your blog. I’ll be low carb the rest of my life, so new recipes always help.


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