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What’s for dinner???

Pizza Chicken

I will be having this for dinner, it’s called Pizza Chicken  everything you’d put on a pizza goes on top of a sauted chicken breast.  Yum Yum !!!

What are you having for dinner?

Bon Appetitto :-)


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  1. Sounds great. I miss not having pizza. I’ll try it this way tomorrow night.

    What am I having for dinner? Turduken, made by a local steak house and cooked in my oven.

    Turduken is a boned duck inside a boned chicken inside a boned turkey. Each layer is filled with sausage/spinach stuffing.

    So it not very high in carbs.



  2. How do you prepare this pizza chicken? Do you stuff the chicken like a calzone? Or do you slice the chicken thin, then cover it with the pizza ingredients?


  3. Kitchen Stadium said:

    OMG – what a creative idea!!! That will be my dinner tonight! You need to know; to keep me honest that I am starting a SEVERE low carb diet TODAY! I’ll go one week SEVERE and the next week a little less severe…. South beach diet style. Have I written about my open faced Chicken Cordon Blue?


  4. I had the chicken pizza last night. My wife loved it. Just sausage on top of the cheese and gravy (Italain tomato sauce), with a few hot cherry peppers.


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