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My Low Carb Food Log

As I mentioned in yesterdays blog, today I’m starting with a clean slate and I’m going to focus on staying on plan.

In the past when I’ve keep a food journal of what I ate & tracked my carbs I saw where I can make changes in my diet.  The trick is to be honest and write everything that passes your lips.

So today I’m going to post everything I eat as the day goes by and maybe a few food pics also.

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Breakfast: (8:30 am)
1 Coffee 8 oz, 1% Milk 1/4 c, Splenda 1 tsp = 4 Net Carbs

1 Low Carb Bran Chocolate Muffin = 0.5 Net Carbs
1 tb Smuckers No Sugar Added Strawberry Jam = 1 Net Carb
Total Net Carbs: 5.5

Exercise: (First time in months)  10-10:30 am
Elliptical  23 minutes, burned 225 calories
Drank 16 oz water

Burger, spinach, mushrooms, onions

Lunch: (12:30 pm)
3 oz beef patty, seasoned with roasted garlic & red pepper spice = 0 Net Carbs

1 TB PC Sugar Free Ketchup 1 Tb = 0 Net Carbs
Spinach, mushrooms, onions = 2 Net Carbs
16 oz water= 0 Net Carbs
Total Net Carbs:  2 Net Carbs

Snack: (1:30 pm)
Russell Stover Peanut Butter Crunch 3 pcs=1 net carb  (I only had 1 pc) = 0 Net Carbs

Baked Meatballs & Green beans

3 baked meatballs (tried a new recipe) = 0 Net Carbs

1 cup Green beans = 4 Net Carbs
2 cups green salad with French dressing = 1 Net Carbs
Total Net Carbs:  5 Net Carbs



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