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Happy New Year !!! 2011

Glitter GraphicsGlitter Graphics
2011 is just a few hours away and I’m already back on the Low Carb wagon.

Why wait till tomorrow Right??

I forgot to take a pic of my breakfast but I did get my lunch and snack pics.

Beef patty, sauteed green peppers & onions, and broccoli.

Snack: (For the whole family)
I only ate the broccoli &  ranch sour cream dip.

I made pasta with meat sauce for my family & I had the same thing that I had for lunch but I added spicy hot sauce, whooah!!!

Tonight we’re off to a friends to ring in the new year, I’ll do my best to stay on plan but I can’t make any promises.  There might be some alcohol involved hahaha

I’ll let you know what the damage was tomorrow. 🙂

:-)What are your plans for tonight?:-)


Comments on: "Happy New Year !!! 2011" (2)

  1. Kitchen Stadium said:

    COOL – what did you serve, or are you cooking the beef on??

    I had roast beef and veggies and enough sugar to wake with a 1-minute headache. No drinks tho! (I drove).


  2. What you see in the pic is my stove top, it’s a gas stove with an interchangeable flat plate.

    It’s great for making pancakes and grill cheese for my kiddies and on this day I tried it out to make my lunch. It turned out great. 🙂


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