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Shopping and My Food Log

We (hubby, kids & I) went to the mall and did some shopping, I bought myself The Biggest Loser Kinect game.  I’m so excited to try it.  I heard good reviews, they say it’s like having your own personal trainer in your home.  I’m going to try it tomorrow after I drop off my kids at school.  My kids got Kinect for Christmas and those games alone make you sweat so I can just imagine how much this will make me sweat.  Bring it!!!

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Breakfast: (too high in carbs but I ran out of my LC muffins)
Quaker Harvest Crunch – Original, 30 gram=19 carb

Bran Cereal – Great Value,  30 gram=1/2 cup=9 carb
Milk, 1%, 1/2 cup=3 carb

Total Carbs: 31

Since we were at the mall when lunch time hit, everyone was hungry.  I searched the food court for a Low Carb option, it wasn’t easy but I hit jackpot.  There’s a place called Bourbon Street Grill and they had a small sign that said “Low Carb Combo” (1 meat & 2 Vegetables)

Awesome!!!!  So I went with the Blackened Chicken with green beans & broccoli.  While everyone else had burgers & fries.  Here’s the funny part, they all said they wished they had my dish, after they sampled it 🙂


To be continued… (I’ll post after dinner)


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