Exercise your mind and body

4am Wake up call…Exercise

My daughter woke up at 4am this morning and came into my room saying she’s dizzy and hot.  It turns out she had 104 degree fever, I ran her a bath and it cooled her down but I never did get back to sleep.

This was me by 9am.I kept my little munchkin home from school.  By 10am I was ready to try my new Kinect game.  It’s amazing, it has voice recognition, there’s a virtual me on tv and it lets me know when I’m doing something wrong.  I broke out in a sweat and I have a feeling I might be sore.  I’m doing it all over again tomorrow.

Myspace Comments Breakfast:
Quaker Harvest Crunch – Original, 30 gram=19 carb
Bran Cereal – Great Value,  30 gram=1/2 cup=9 carb
Milk, 1%, 1/2 cup=3 carb

Total Carbs: 31

Cajun Beef patty with fried peppers

Roast beef



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