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Food and Shopping

Went shopping with my daughter and we both came home with some good deals.  These are my boots, they were $265 and I got them for $90.  I also bought a pair of yoga pants.

These are my daughters clothes, all this for $25.

Lunch at the mall, she had a burger and fries and I had a chicken shawarma plate, 3 types of salad with hummus and chicken.  This was from Villa Medina, it was so good.  I have a feeling next time she’s going to want what I ordered.

My dinner, beef tenderloin topped with blue cheese and broccoli.  What you don’t see is the baked french fries that I made for my kids but I had some too.  Then it went a little more down hill when we were watching a movie they broke out a bag of chips and I had some too.

Where are the kale chips when you need them.  ggrrrrr!!!!


Comments on: "Food and Shopping" (2)

  1. Love the boots! Finally a new pair of yoga pants! I was afraid the ones you were wearing the other day were going to fall off you!

    Little missy’s new wardrobe is so cute and all that for 25 bucks? Wow! Your lunch looked awesome and as for the kale chips I’m going to try making them tomorrow but if you need some i bought a HUGE bunch today so you are welcomed to it.


  2. Hey Brenda,

    Yeah we scored big. She can’t wait to wear her new clothes. That’s my favorite place to each when I’m out, I wish we had one closer. I hope you like the kale chips. Roasted them slowly and keep flipping them until lightly brown. If they burn they’re taste bitter.
    Thanks, I bought 2 bunches of kale. I plan on making them later.


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