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And then there was one

It all started saturday morning  when my daughter said she wasn’t feeling too good.  We took her to the Dr and they took a swab for strep and still haven’t heard back from them.  Well since then she’s been vomiting, fever and now a terrible dry cough that keeps her up all night.

Yesterday both my husband and I were both hit with the same syptoms as my daughter.  Hopefully I lose some weight, I mean something good has to come out of all of this.  Right?Right now she’s at the Dr’s, we want to see if she has  throat infection or something.  I’ll update when they come back.

And then there was one…my son is not sick thankfully.  He’s praying he doesn’t get sick since Friday is his birthday.

I hate flu season!!

What are some of your remedies for the flu?


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