Exercise your mind and body

I don’t drink or eat fast food on a regular basis so those are not some things to give up.

But here’s what I’m going to be giving up for Lent:

Cheese (I have it on everything except in my coffee 🙂

Sugar Free chocolate candy (I usually have 1 a day)

Low Carb Biscotti

My family has given up chips!  Which is great since I won’t be tempted to steal a few.

What are you giving up for Lent?


Comments on: "What are you giving up for Lent?" (2)

  1. Coffee and it has me even Grumpier. Had to call my sister and apologize for being even grumpier than normal when I spoke with her earlier today.

    The Grumpy Man


  2. Kitchen Stadium said:

    I don;t do Lent but I imagine it would have to be coffee; I have so little vices and still I’m fat. There must be other vices I won’t cop to??? LOL!


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