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Birthday Pics

My daughter’s 10th Birthday Party!!!  Oh My Gosh!!!  She’s in the double digits now!!!  Oh how they grow so fast.

I took the kids to a pottery place where they painted ceramics then we came back here for pizza, cupcakes, played games.  I’m not going to put pictures of the kids since I don’t have their parents permission.  But they seem to have had a great time.

This was my kitchen before the party.

These are the loot bags: Ceramic cupcakes filled with jellybeans

I made these Jumbo Vanilla cupcakes that the kids decorated with pink or chocolate frosting and then loaded on the sprinkles etc.  Oh my gosh you should have seen some of their creations.  A dentists dream hahaha

Strawberry shortcake I didn’t eat anything other than a salad today so I had to have a slice of this and WOW it was heaven.


Comments on: "Birthday Pics" (2)

  1. Kitchen Stadium said:

    This is SOOOO sweet! Did she have an amazing time? Assuming the photo is you? Beautiful woman in photo is to old looking to be 10-years old but too young looking for sure to have a 10-year old child!!!


  2. Oops!! yup that’s me hahaha. Yes she had a great time with her friends and she’s still giving my big hugs and thanking me for her fun party.
    Aaww you’re sweet but I’m old!!


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