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Costco Shopping

I went shopping at Costco today bought a bunch of stuff but here’s just the low carb foods I bought.

Frozen boneless skinless chicken breast: I like these because they are individually frozen so I can take one out when I need too.  Great for Chicken & Pesto Cream, Chicken Scallops or Chicken Kabobs.

Romaine lettuce: I wash this whole bag and keep it in a huge rubbermaid container in my my fridge.  It lasts a week, we all like salad.  Hail Caesar Salad !!!

Prosciutto: Cured Italian Ham, my kids like this in their sandwich or it’s great for an antipasto platter with cheese and olives.

Smoked Gouda: They had a cheese road show and this was so good I had to get some for my hubby who’s a big fan of aged Gouda.

Pressed Cottage Cheese: (white blocks of cheese) I’ve never bought this before but always wanted to try it.  75 grams is just 2 carbs.  That’s a whole lota cheese.  Not sure yet how to use it other that crumbling it in a salad.
Any suggestions?

What are some of your favorite Low Carb foods that you buy at Costco?


Comments on: "Costco Shopping" (3)

  1. I LOVE prusciutto. So good! 🙂


  2. Kitchen Stadium said:

    I shop at Costco for the same things… same food different labels in Canada, eh? I always get the individual chicken breasts. For one thing I like that they are wrapped so and for another that they are cleaned well–meaning that I don’t have to cut off a lot straggly fatty pieces and so on.

    I have NOT heard of pressed cottage cheese. I hate normal cottage cheese but pressed and dry might be a whole new experience entirely.

    So to answer the question: chicken breasts, asparagus, salmon, frozen berries and sweet potato fries! (to fry).


  3. The chicken breasts are nice and clean and the perfect size.
    The cottage cheese is pretty good. I might toss some in my salad today.

    Sweet potato fries…YUM!!!


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