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I’ve lost my mind!!!

Yup that’s right!!  I’ve gone INSANE!!!  and by that I mean I did my first Insanity workout in over a month.  WOW what a rush!!  As I was doing my workout I was asking myself “Why has it taken me so long to get back into it again!!”  I just get so pumped and full of energy after my workout.  I also tend to really watch what I eat because I know I worked really hard to burn those calories.

Why the donkey you ask???  Because Insanity Kicked My A$$!! hahaha

The Plan

My plan is to keep going strong with Insanity and in 2 weeks from now (Thursday April 21) I’m going to weigh myself.  I hope to lose 4 lbs.  Wish me luck!

What gets you pumped!!!


Comments on: "I’ve lost my mind!!!" (2)

  1. Kitchen Stadium said:

    I do wish you luck and yes, you are insane. I did Insanity for about a week but … there is always a but…. but I didn’t really have an area large enough or safe enough to do the workouts. My office has furniture surround each wall and a recliner. The living room is tiled and my too heavy to move glass top coffee table had sharp corners. Other reasons were that some of the things I just could do – fast enough. Mehn… I sent it back for a refund. I saw some results but … another “but” I tend to stop doing things that are beneficial to me… what is up with THAT??

    Good luck and I will do the program vicariously along with you!


  2. Hey Lisa,

    hahaha yes I’ve lost it!!! I’m hooked again and I hope I don’t get unhooked anytime soon. I’ve been bitten by the fitness bug.


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