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Non-Scale Victory

What a day!!

My 12 year old son had some friends over to play and hang out.  Twelve year old boys are so funny, especially when they see a cute girl at the park then they really are hilarious.

Anyhow the best part of my day came when one of the moms saw me for the first time since last year.  She told me she almost didn’t recognize me and said Wow!! you lost weight you look so good. She just went on and on and then asked me what I did to lose the weight.  So I told her that I’ve changed my eating habits.  I find if you say Low Carb then people get weird  and tell you all the negative things they’ve heard.

That made my day and it just reinforced that I’m doing great even though I don’t always see results.

What are some compliments you’ve received since you lost weight?


Comments on: "Non-Scale Victory" (4)

  1. Kitchen Stadium said:

    You don’t see it because you see your self every day and based on the stats you put up now and then, you worked hard for the losses — it didn’t happen overnight and those ladies haven’t seen you in a while. Did you ever take before photos?

    Yes, saying Low Carb is a big turn off these days. It’s partly rightly so because people have Atkins Old School plan in their heads which is fatty meats, cheeses and bacon. The other downside is that people’s congratulatory looks change to smirks which read, “she’ll have it gained back in a few days” giving you no credit for intelligence regarding how you (one) manages their your diet!

    I usually say Higher in Protein diet but quite frankly…… nobody has said anything to me about losing in several months! :(. BUT THEY WILL DAMMIT

    YAY on compliments and congrats!


  2. Hey Lisa,

    I know you’re right, it didn’t happen over night. I did take a before pic but I’m in search of a pic of when I was at my heaviest and I can’t find it. Once I fid it I’m going to post them.

    Oh you’re so right, their faces change when you say Atkins etc.

    Thanks 🙂

    And yes you will lose this weight!!!


  3. I get the same kind of comments too when people see me and they have not seen me in a while.

    Yeah, I notice that people are turned off when you say low carb. People believe eating low-carb is dangerous but it is not. My brother thought I was crazy eating this way but he has gained weight steady over the years. He stopped eating so many carbs and dropped close to 20 pounds. He still eats “good carbs” but if he really lowered his carb intake and upped his protein he drop another 20 pounds easy.

    So now what I tell people is I am eating a high protein diet or I stopped eating all of the bread, sugar, and pop. I even say I am eating paleo.

    Keep up with the good work!


  4. Good for you girl. Sometimes the scale can do more harm than good, and it can be difficult to see past the numbers. But when other people take notice of your success, well that is just amazing!
    And I know what you mean. I almost hate telling people that I am a South Beacher or Low Carber. But darn it, it works! If only they could understand. Oh well. It works for us and we are happy with it.


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