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Road Trip

We’ve packed up and are on the road trip back home.

It was really great to see everyone But I’m looking forward being home and in my bed, seeing my cat (she hates road trips) and getting back to my food and exercise routine.

My kids have no school tomorrow so I hope it’ll be a nice day so we can spend it in the park and maybe we’ll met my husband for lunch since he’ll be working.


Comments on: "Road Trip" (2)

  1. Hello Marisa,

    Its always good to get home to your own bed and pillow!!! I looked at the top of your site and it stats that you do not sugar or grains? I am wondering why that is?? Did it help you to lose weight? I have been thinking about how bloated I feel after eating bread and cutting back on what I have for lunch.

    Be great to hear the reasons behind your food choices.



  2. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so checking out my blog.
    I’ve had heartburn for many years which lead me to have an ulcer. I took pill everyday for a year and my ulcer healed but I knew that if I didn’t change my eating habits that it would return. So I began to remove foods that I had difficultly digesting or that gave me instant heartburn (i.e raw garlic, tomato sauce, toasted bread, fish, eggs)
    Since eating this way I’ve changed so many things that I haven’t had to take my pills anymore.
    As you can see from my blog that I’m truly eat a variety of foods and I don’t feel limited by any means.
    Oh and to answer your question: yes eating this way has helped me lose weigh. So far I’ve lost 38 lbs 🙂
    If you want to try this let me know and we can be diet buddies and I can help you through it 🙂


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