Exercise your mind and body

Yesterday was a very eventful day, some good…some bad.

I had a great morning workout, I tried a new Insanity dvd called Cardio power & Resistance.

Holy Cow!!  It really pumped me up for the day.

I made a yummy Strawberry Vanilla Protein Shake then then for lunch a Cajun beef with sauteed spinach.  I was totally on the ball yesterday.
Recipe will be posted for Strawberry Vanilla Protein Shake.

                  My lunch Cajun Beef & Sauteed Spinach

Last night my kids went to the park after dinner.  An hour went by and my son came home saying he had something in his eye.  I looked and there was nothing there.  I had him wash his eye out a few times and even dropped in some eye drops and still nothing changed he was in a lot of pain and couldn’t open his eye.  We were worried he scratch his cornea.    What next…Yup!! a trip to the emergency since the clinic I went too wasn’t equipped for that type of eye exam.I was expecting to be there for a minimum of 4 hours but thankfully we were out of there in less than 2 hours.  The Dr checked his eye and swabbed it and said he couldn’t see anything but if it persists to come back.  Thankfully he woke up this morning and he was fine, no blurriness, no pain.

Oh yes…and I lost my wallet today, forgot to mention that too.  As I pulled into the clinic I realized I didn’t have my wallet, well I can’t tell you all the things that were spewing out of my mouth; they were not lady like at all.  I later apologized to my son.  Earlier I had to show my I.D. at the voting polling station and I guess when I thought I put my wallet back in my purse it fell out.  So I drove to the polling station and they had my wallet.  Then we were able to go to the emergency.  What a relief!!!

On the way home from the hospital I couldn’t believe the day I had.  I was mixed with emotions worried for my son, angry I lost my wallet, happy my son didn’t have a scratched cornea, happy they found my wallet.

Then I began to think positive which in the end made me smile because today could have turned out horribly but it didn’t.  Everyone is healthy and happy. 

I guess I was meant to have this day to shake me up an see everything I have.


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