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My Week So Far

I have had an eventful week and it’s only Thursday.   For starters; a trip to the Emergency, kids after-school appointments, kids school event where my daughter danced her heart out.

I took my kids out for dinner after their Dr appointments.  We tried a new  Middle Eastern restaurant and they loved it.  They had a chicken shawarma sandwich and I had the chicken shawarma plate.  I told the person to replace the rice and potatoes that with salad.  It’s become a habit now to ask for what I want and not settle for food I can’t eat.

I had leftover Cajun chicken and made this for lunch yesterday.  It’s broccoli slaw and Cajun Chicken.  YUM!!

I’ve been keeping up with my workouts and my food diary.  So far this week I’ve been kicking butt!!!   My butt!!!

Mondays workout left me sore
Tuesday was a day off
Wednesday Insanity workout
Thursday (today) I would’ve done Insanity again but due to technical difficulties (DVD player didn’t work.)
So I jumped on my elliptical and did 20 mins and burned 200 calories.  Hopefully my handsome husband can’t fix that problem *Hint Hint*I went shopping today since a friend told me of a sale going on.  I popped in and the pants that I was eyeballing a few weeks ago is now half off and the best part…get this…They’re a size 7!!!  SHUT UP!!!  and then I went to Costco and bought capri pants that are a size 8!!  I’m going to tell me hubby to wrap them up for Mother’s Day hahaha.
I’m in such a good mood right now, ok I know I’m really not a size 7 and every clothing company has different sizes but what the hell I’ll take it, it says 7 on the label…heehee!!!Oh and did I mention this is the first day this week that the sun decided to make an appearance,  Mother Nature’s has been pissing down on us for over a week.  Today was the first time that I walked and picked up my kids from school.  They love walking home, I plan on doing it more often now that the weather is getting warmer.


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