Exercise your mind and body

I’ve had a really great week, I had a visit from my mom and sister who live out of town.  They stayed for a few days, it was so nice to see them and spend time together.  Too bad the weather wasn’t cooperating, it was raining the whole time they were here.  So what’s a couple of girls to do other than Shop Till You Drop!!! and that’s what we did 🙂

Great Layouts, Graphics, and More at GenerationMe.net!I convinced my sister to try the Insanity workout, it was her first time and even though she said she doesn’t like jumping exercises at the end of the DVD she really liked it.  So much so that we did another Insanity workout the next day.  It really is addictive.

It was sad the see my mom and sister go but I know I’ll be visiting them in the summer.  We ate so good when they were here, nothing tastes as good as mom’s cooking.

Oh check out my new sexy 2 piece bathing suit, it’s a size medium.  Woohoo!!!

We went away for a few days visiting family and I have to say that I was really good at resisting temptation.  There was chips, popcorn, cake, ice cream and other high carb fatty foods and for dessert I ate fruit, mostly strawberries and watermelon.  I even surprised myself.  By the way I might have a few more people hooked on kale chips 🙂

Well we’re home now and back to normality, I’m looking forward to sleeping in my bed again.


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