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Thanksgiving weekend was great, we had fun as always spending time with family and eating delicious food. 

This is my mom’s boneless stuffed turkey.  It’s amazing, she debones it herself but you can ask your butcher to do it for you.

My mom came back with us and will be here for a few weeks.  I’m looking forward to it.  Yesterday we made low carb cabbage rolls, I think we over did it just a little hahaha 🙂

These delicious cabbage rolls are nicely tucked away in my freezer at the moment but I have a feeling they won’t be there for long.

Here’s the link for my low carb cabbage rolls recipe.  I haven’t made these since last winter.  There’s no rice just veggies, lean ground beef, spices and tomato sauce.



Comments on: "Thanksgiving weekend & Cabbage Rolls" (2)

  1. Hi Marisa!
    Those rolls look delicious. I am a veteran of stuffed cabbage, it’s a Romanian Christmas tradition, no Christmas without “sarmale” – that’s how we call them. Pork and rice are the basic formula, but your recipe works too. We make them starting with the holidays and throughout the winter. In summer, we stuff grape leaves with a variety of ground meats, but the best are with lamb.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I couldn’t log in my WordPress – my comment appears as anonymous. I wonder why?


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