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Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween!!!

Today my day started off by getting my kids dressed in their spooky costumes and out the door to bring them to school.  Then off the the gym I went.

Here’s my workout:

Monday Oct 31, 2011
Gym: Elliptical  12 mins – Warm Up – Calories: 100

Gym: Spin Class 45 mins – Calories: 500
Gym: Body Blast 30 mins – Calories: 300
Total: 1 hr & 30 mins
Total Carlorie Burn: 900After the gym I went out and came across a inflatable ballerina costume so I bought it & surprised my kids at their Halloween dance party at school.  Oh my gosh!!!  What a laugh!!!  The look on my kids faces when they saw me was priceless.

By the way I danced for an hour, so I’ll add that to my exercise too hahaha.

I worked my butt off at the gym today since I knew I was going to scoop up some of those little devilish chocolate treat!!! 

What’s your Halloween treat today?


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