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Weekly Recap

Ok so I’m a little late on last weeks recap but better late than never Right!!
Last week was not one of my bests.  I went to the gym on Monday and did my spin class, Tue & Wed I did weight training with my husband, we had a good workout.  But then it went down hill from there. Thursday I woke up at 4am with a sore throat and it’s slowly going away.  I’m sleep deprived with a sore throat to boot.

I’ve tried my best to stay focused but when I’m sick all I want is carbs.  I made a lima bean soup which was very good but the bad part was that I ate it with crackers.

I did some Christmas shopping on Saturday and it was a mad house every place I went, not to mention the 45 mins wait just to pay.  I’ll have to check my list twice but I think I’m all done. Yippee !!  Oh yeah !!! one more thing.  I bought a pair of jeans and they’re a size 7!!!  Yup that’s right you heard me…a freaken 7!!!   Yeah baby!!I went to a spin class today and did 1 hour weight training.  My spin class was very entertaining.  At my gym since there’s a limited amount of bikes we have to sign in on a sheet to reserve our bike but some poeple don’t do that and then the people who signed in are left bike-less.  Today there was this new person who came in the class freaking out and yelling that she signed in and now there’s no bike for her.  She was so rude and even had the instructor do a roll call of the sign up sheet and sure enough there was a person on a bike who wasn’t signed in so they had to give up their bike to loud mouth McGee!!!
Ok I get the fact that she had the right to be there but she was so dramatic and childish.  She sat on the floor and pouted until she got her bike and let everyone know that she took a day off of work to do this class.

What are some of your gym stories?


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