Exercise your mind and body

Yup that’s right, 2012 is All About Me!!
I plan on toning everything that jiggles 🙂  I’m really focusing on my abs & arms.  I’m want to be bikini ready by June.This past week I’ve hit the gym 5 days straight and it was intense, everyday I took it up a notch.  Yeah Baby!!!

Today I’ve had a Spa Day.  I had a manicure, pedicure and I got rid of that stubborn grey that keeps trying to remind me how old I am.  Having a pedicure in the winter is a real boost when all you see outside is snow, but when you happen to catch your pretty painted toes it might just remind you of last summer and where you were.  I was in Montreal last summer and I had a wonderful time visiting my family, miss you lots 🙂

OK gettting abck to me…See I told you it’s all about me this year LOL

I did my first Pilates class this week and it was great.  This wasn’t your typical Pilates, it’s called Pilates Fusion.  It’s Pilates with a twist.   Core Conditioning combining yoga, and weight training techniques.  I finally used my pretty pink yoga mat.  This was the main reason I had a pedicure today 🙂  my toes we’re unhappy without any color but now their happy tootsies!!!  Ok I know I’m nuts but truly it’s the little things that make me happy.


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