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My Workouts So Far…

I’ve been eating pretty good this week other than some bad attack of the munchies at night while watching TV.I’ve been killing it this week in the gym.  Lately my typical day at the gym is:
Warm-Up:  Elliptical or Cross Trainer: 30-45 mins
Workout: Kettlebells 45 mins or Pilates Class 60-45 mins
Sometimes I do all three, like yesterday I did, Cross Trainer 30 mins, Kettlebells 30 mins & Pilates 45 mins.

This week I’ve done, Spin classes, Pilates classes, Body sculpt classes and my own Ketttlebell workouts.  Last week I wanted to try something new and I’ve never done any kettlebell exercises so I printed off some kettlebell workouts and I’ve been doing them every other day.  I’ve loving the kettlebells.  What took me so long to try them!!!
Here’s a few moves I like to do.

Around The WorldSwing

One Arm Swing & Pass

Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift

I’ve heard many times that you need change your workout routine for many reasons.  As for myself I had to change from high impact classes to Pilates since a foot injury.  But I have to say it’s been the best thing.  Change is good, my foot is slowly healing and I’m still getting a great workout, if anything it’s even better.

Did you know that in order to see continuous progress in your training that you have to change up your training regiment at the very latest, every two months?

To burn fat, you need to change your routine every 4 to 8 weeks.

To build muscle, you need to cycle your workouts every 4 to 8 weeks only AFTER you’ve been training for six  months. When you’re first starting out weight training, the body goes through a lot of neuromuscular changes, therefore, you don’t need to change up your routines very much. You also need time to learn and execute proper exercise technique, this takes time.

An exercise routine will only work for a short period of time before your body adapts and progress stops.  Changing to a new training regimen that your body isn’t accustomed to is the only way to prevent stagnation.

“It’s insanity to do the same thing over and over and expect results.
Change your routine often to keep making progress.”

Speaking of going insane, wait until I show you what my next gym workout looks like.  Apparently it’s the newest thing to hit the gyms.  In February I’m taking a class at my gym, it’s a paid program but only a handful of people are allowed per time slot. 

Interested???  Stay Tuned to find out what it is 🙂

Stay Healthy & Have a Great Weekend 🙂


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