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TRX Suspension Training

In February the gym I go to is offering a paid program for TRX Suspension Training.
Apparently it’s been around for a couple of years now and it’s quickly turning into the hottest thing to hit the fitness world.

TRX – Is a suspension training workout that builds muscle and is great for core strength.

Click the link below to see what TRX Suspension Training is all about.


TRX Atomic Push Up

Has anyone tried this?  What are your thoughts on it?

Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear your feed back. Just click at the bottom where is says “Leave a Comment”.


Comments on: "TRX Suspension Training" (5)

  1. There is a guy in our area that does it. I usually see him in the summer while I’m walking the dog. He let me try it. It was fun. He loves it and does it where ever he finds a tree!


  2. Oh cool. I tried some exercises yesterday at the gym and it’s pretty good. I like variety so this will be nice to add to my workouts 🙂


  3. Good lord! I’d have to say No. I’m having enough trouble getting my asics on. I would love to do this stuff but everything cost so much $$$!


  4. Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s difficult to find our motivation in these colder months. Try something new everyday even if it’s going for a walk after dinner or stay indoors but try and do as many jumping jacks in a minute. It’s a good way to warm up and your being active. You’ll soon find a reason to put on your Asics 🙂


  5. Good memory, Marissa cuz I have no recollection of that. I wonder if I used them in a ticker thingie. Good idea thought… I should eat 1-M&M for each lb lost LOL.
    I did not buy any workout clothes — I have tons and some that don’t even fit any longer! I tell ya! – By the way, if you like spicy low fat meat… and Fage-O yogurt, the two are excellent for the Atkins follower!


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