Exercise your mind and body

TRX Suspension Training

I did my first TRX class yesterday, it was intense but oh so good.  I’m a little sore on my arms but it’s a good pain.  The picture above is just a few of the exercises I did.

Sure, it looks harmless (How hard can a workout with two nylon straps really be?), but this basic tool takes bodyweight resistance training to a whole new level. You need incredible balance and coordination just to be able to use the TRX trainer, let alone complete all the recommended exercises, making it a great way for advanced exercisers to take their workouts to the next level.

TRX Explained:

Integrated functional training promotes multi-muscle movements that combine lower body, upper body and the core in one. It tasks the body and mind.

Think of any mainstream exercises, bench press, squat, lunge rows, sit ups, all these moves can be replicated using the TRX Training System, but the design allows increased muscle involvement with co-ordination and your core is always activated this means results in a tighter mid section, better posture and a leaner figure.

It is transportable and once correctly anchored to a safe place such as a frame, it uses your bodyweight as resistance. It is designed for beginners and athletes as you can adjust the length of the straps to make the movement easier or more difficult.

It was developed and tested in conjunction with the U.S navy seals, so you can appreciate this kit doesn’t waste time and has become part of many sporting establishments, and commercial gyms around the world for the one and only reason….it works.

The TRX Training System promotes balance, agility, speed, co-ordination, strength and endurance and implementing this as part of your training plan will ensures all your muscles work together thus decreasing the risk of imbalances and injury.


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