Exercise your mind and body

It’s time for a weight loss challenge!! 

Here are the guidelines for the Easter Spring Fling Weight Loss Challenge:

1. The challenge will run from Friday February 19, 2012 to Friday April 6, 2012 (That’s Good Friday)

2. You may join the challenge at any time, late-comers are most welcome.  To join the challenge,  use the comment box to post your, starting weight,  and goal weight.
Example:    Starting Weight:      190 lbs
                   Goal Weight:             177 lbs
You may choose any goal you like. This is a 7 week challenge, a realistic goal is 1-2 pounds a week.  That’s 7-14 pounds lost.

3. Pick a day for your weekly weigh-in, and stick to it a closely as you can. Then post your current weight each week.

4. You are encouraged to share how you are doing during the challenge, and especially to give each other support.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them.
Wishing you much success and happiness!



Comments on: "Easter Spring Fling Weight Loss Challenge" (19)

  1. Hi there! Glad to have found your blog.
    Starting weight: 255 (August 20, 2011)
    Current weight: 184.8 (February 18, 2012)
    Goal weight: 165 (Goal is to reach this by April 5th)

    I’m on the Dukan Diet so I weight daily… I’ll post my weight on Saturdays here.


  2. OK I’ll go first.

    Starting Weight: 157 lbs
    Goal Weight: 147 lbs

    I’ll be happy if I lose 10 pounds by Easter 🙂

    Friday’s are my weigh-in days.


  3. Diane Dicks said:

    OK I’m in! I am going to FL for two weeks in March. I might not post until I return BUT i will keep the challenge going.

    Starting Weight: 170 lbs.
    Goal Weight : 160


  4. Woohoo!!! Diane!!! Awesome!! Let’s do this!!
    Have a wonderful time in FL.


  5. Not to be the spoil sport but I don’t want to post my weight. However, My goal is lose 38-lbs from today’s date. Does that count? My weigh-in day will be on Monday’s.


  6. Hi Anonymous,

    So glad you are joining the challenge. Wow 38 pounds in 7 weeks!!! That’s very ambitious. That means you have to lose 5.5 pounds a week, I’m not doubting your ability to do it but maybe you could shoot for 10-15 lbs in 7 weeks and if you lose more then it’s a bonus.

    We can do this!!! 🙂


  7. Im in need of this.

    Ok I weigh 145
    And my goal is 132

    I’m excited to have support with you guys


  8. LOL – Marissa! Not 38 pounds in 7 weeks — 38-lbs ever! I do expect 3-lbs a week; 21-lbs. Also ambitious I suppose but is a goal that will enable motivation!


  9. Woohoo!!! I’m so happy that you’re all taking this challenge with me.

    Feel free to post any comments, advice and motivation.

    We can do this!!! 🙂


  10. Today was a good first complete day today. I worked out for 30 today. I know where my challenges are going to be however. I work 2 jobs twice a week, and I won’t be able to work out.


  11. Hi Brandi,

    Good job on getting a workout out in. Sounds like you have a busy work schedule. Maybe is you just write down your hours on paper you might be able to find 20-30 mins to fit in a workout.


  12. Diane Dicks said:

    I went to an excerise class today. After 12 sessions I’ve decided that I hate it! So I am going to have a look at something a little more fun for me. I will try Zumba classes.
    Hope that works.


  13. I feel like I’m doing well. I’m mentally aware of what not to eat since this challenge.ive even signed up for a half marathon for October. An god knows I’m not in shape for that YET, but to pay for it locks me in. And I’m motivated to train. Thank you for your support Marisa!


  14. Diane – Zumba class is FUN! You just do your thing your way and when I went, half the fun was watching the others. You’d be surprised at the old ladies (like OLD) who get down and dirty and let themselves go at it on the dancing! I loved watching others as much as the exercising! Why do I used the past tense? I’m no longer a member of the gym that held the classes 😦


  15. Status on me? I Got nothin! My Les Mills program is arriving tomorrow. Today; like right now I am “Dressed for the Kill” at the gym.I’m going to power walk – to work back up to my running days and as well, the elliptical. 30-on the mill, 30 on the ellip!


  16. Diane Dicks said:

    Marisa….you go girl! 2 lbs is awesome. I weigh in every 2 weeks so I will report my lost on Thursday. I joined a gym yesterday. I liked the Zumba classes. I will go to Aqua classes too. Getting excited about this challenge. I ate out at Denney’s for breakfast this morning. I had egg white scrambled eggs with spinach and two strips of turkey bacon. I bought my own low carb bread with me so I had 1 slice. Actually it was brunch so I’m good to go now until dinner.


  17. Lisa, You go Girl!!! Let us know how those workouts are going.

    Diane: Looking forward to your weigh in. Good for you on joining a gym. Try out a variety of classes and see which ones you like. You did great at Denny’s Woohoo!!!


  18. Diane Dicks said:

    Well today was weigh in day. I had a great two weeks. I did not go off my eating program at all. I went ot a zumba class and had an expresso coffee before my weigh in. Having said that I only lost 4 oz.. Yep that’s right 4ozs. BUT the Dr. told me it is not as bad as it looks because I actually lost 5lbs. of fat. The scale is not showing it because I am holding a ton of water. It colud be the workout and caffine before the weigh in. He said it should show on the scales at the next weigh in. I have to say I am feeling disappointed but I will push on.


  19. Hi Diane,

    No matter the number of your weight loss big or small you have to be happy that it’s a loss and not a gain. Woohoo!!! 5 lbs of fat is great.

    Looking forward to your next weigh-in. You go girl!!!


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