Exercise your mind and body

Today’s Challenge:  Portion Control

Today’s challenge is to read labels and watch your portions.  When starting a diet we’re very careful about what we chose to eat, we may even weigh our food and write our meals in a food diary but after awhile we stop reading labels and our portions get larger and larger and then we wonder “Why am I not losing weight anymore?  Oh it must be the diet.”  Then we move onto the next fad diet on the market.

So read labels and familiarize yourself with the food you’ve been eating.  Dust off that scale and start to weigh your food again and write it down.

Fact: 1 pound of body fat stores ~3,500 calories.

To lose 1 pound in 1 week cut back on 500 calories per day x 7 days = 3,500 calories.

At the end of the day please feel free to post here in the comment box tell me what was your biggest surprise after reading the labels again.


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