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30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

It’s a New Year and some of us have New Year Resolutions to lose weight and get fit.  Whatever your New Years Resolutions are here’s a 30 Day Challenge to keep us motivated.

They say it takes 30 days to create a habit, so why not create a good habit.  By starting with a 30 day challenge, it’s baby steps to get to our ultimate goal.

For myself I have to get back on my low carb lifestyle and really stick to it.  I’m going to be strict about it because I know that’s what works for me.

So who’s with me??? 

On February 1, 2013 I’ll begin another 30 Day Challenge and I’ll keep doing this until I get to my ultimate goal. *Crossing fingers* I hope to get there before Summer 🙂

I have a countdown counter to count the days so please feel free to leave comments on how you’re doing.


Comments on: "30 Day Challenge" (6)

  1. I am with you! I need the comraderie of a buddy. Great blog! Please visit mine at journeytohappymanypaths.wordpress.com 🙂


  2. I{m in! I lost 40 in 2012 and want to lose 50 in 2013. Can use all the support I can get!
    thanks all. Susan


  3. Anonymous said:

    I need to loose 100 pounds, and I will follow you and jaimmers, I need all the motivation and pals I can get. Thanks


  4. Hi all, I’m so glad to hear that you’re all on board. Strength in numbers, is what I always say, the more we are here supporting each other the better we’ll do.
    Please keep posting and let us know how you’re all doing.


  5. Hi Marisa mi name is Noel , and I also did the 30 day challenge, but I was so discouraged this mooring because I started at weighing 259 then went to 248 in my second week then when I weighed myself this morning I was back to 252. I have been sticking to my 20 carbs or less and doe the elliptical 5 to 6 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes and the do my total gym for about 15 minutes. I guess my question should I not get discouraged is the normal? Honestly I felt like failer and ate a breakfast burrito now I feel worse.


  6. Hi Noel,
    I’m so glad hear from you. I know what you’re going through but don’t let the scale dictate how you feel. Also you didn’t gain back all the weight and you’ve been exercising. Don’t beat yourself up, just know that tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start. So plan your meals for tomorrow and have some low carb snacks handy.

    Answer these questions and maybe you will see how you can change things for your next weigh in.

    Have you been eating salty foods? Maybe you’re retaining water weight.
    Have you been eating plenty of green leafy vegetables?
    Have you been drinking 8-10 glasses of water?
    Have you been keeping a food journal?
    Did you plan your meals ahead of time?

    Please let me know how you’re doing and leave me messages as often as you’d like.

    I will be starting a new 30 Day Challenge tomorrow for the month of February. Please join me and we can do this together.

    All the best 🙂


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