Exercise your mind and body

This week I did a Zumba class with a few friends and it was all our first time.  We all had a great workout and we laughed so much.


Another first was I did a double yesterday.  I did a Spin class in the morning and at night I did a Abs class and 30 min on the Stair master.

Today I did a Pilates class and loved it.  This is something that I thought I wouldn’t like since it looks so boring.  But I tried it a few months ago and I love it.  I do it twice a week.  Pilates is all about slow and controlled movement.  Give it a try…But I’m warning you it’s addictive.

pilates controlled movement

As for food I tried Mio the water enhancer and it’s great.  Quick & easy a little squirt in my glass and I’m easily getting in all my water for the day.


Have you tried something new?
Tell us about it.


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